The walking Jager Bomb

So, freshers week! I’m slowly but surely making new friends. Now I’m wondering why I was even scared about this because everyone is in the same situation, needing to make friends. So me and my new housemates are all getting ready to go out for our first freshers themed club night and what better theme to kick it off with than ARMY. Now I have always been a bit of a party animal, going clubbing since I was 15 so innocent me thought ‘a full week of drinking, eaaaaasy’. Wow was I wrong.

So back to our first night out, we were getting ready in our army gear, pre-drinking as the new found family my flat and I now are. Now like I said, I’ve already been partying and clubbing for 3 years so I thought nothing of the amount I was drinking, but then the games started. Imagine playing beer pong when your eye sight is already blurred from the vast amount of alcohol you have already drank, you’re gonna keep losing right? So this is what was happening, it was a vicious circle of drunk little me being too intoxicated to locate the red cups therefore having to drink more and more. Now my friends at home would realise I need to go to bed by this point, however my new housemates who are equally intoxicated by this point did not.

Next on the cards for tonight..CLUB! So we head off in a group of about 70 students and start queuing. At this point I’m making even more friends as we’re all equally as drunk, so equally as chatty. Now once in the club, this is the moment I knew I was going to love university. Everyone was as desperate as each other to make new friends so not only was a lot of drunken conversations happening but also a lot of phone numbers exchanged. I was seriously happy with how this night was going, I had about 13 new phone numbers which meant more friends yay (I’m soon to realise these numbers would never be used due to the pure embarrassment of how I acted that night).

The night pretty much continued the same, and I knew it was time to head home. So off home I went with my housemates, basically a giant walking jager bomb. Now this is the part of the story that shows what a complete mess I am. We managed to get into our flat no problems, I had my kebab under my arm and a smile on my face proud of my first night. It was about half an hour later that the most ridiculous bonding experience between my housemate and I happened. I’m unsure of how the situation happened, but this is how it ended; Me sat in my shower naked with my housemate (who I have only known less than 36 hours) feeding me my kebab.

What a night!


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