Welcome to Freshers

What can be more daunting than leaving home for the first time? Leaving home for the first time AND going to live with 5+ strangers. It’s pretty terrifying! Once you get over the initial shock of the fact you now have to be an adult and take care of your self and have done your research, including google searches like ‘how do you work a washing machine?’ (I won’t tell if you don’t). You now realise you are FREE. Sleeping in till noon? Eating ice cream for breakfast? Who cares, you can do what you like.

The night before you’re leaving for university, the nerves kick in. You’re panicking about being so far away from home, you’re wondering what your housemates will be like, will you get on, will you even make any friends on your course, what if nobody likes you, what if you hate your course, I could go on for hours about what could possibly go wrong and trust me the night before we consider everything. I was a bag of nerves pulling up to my university, but luckily the movers (third years) put me at ease straight away, they were so lovely and chatty and I felt right at home.

After moving all of my things in, I left my dad to start unpacking and I went for a nosey around my home for the next year. One of my flat mates had already moved in so I popped my head around her door and said hi, and the rest is history, we were best friends by that night. As for everyone else it took a bit of getting used to and a lot of drunken games of ‘never have I ever’ for us to finally be comfortable around each other.

However, it wasn’t that straight forward. After I moved everything into my flat I had to say goodbye to my dad, I didn’t think this would be a big issue for me because I was so excited about having my freedom and the fact my dad will only be an hour away, I should have been fine. But as soon as I shut the door to my dad I cried, I mean I really cried. I am now an adult left to fend for myself. How did I think I could do this? I mean I can’t even make toast. I was alone, and how did I know if I would make friends? I’m not exactly the chattiest, confident person and making friends hasn’t always been second nature to me. The question I kept asking myself was ‘have I made a huge mistake?’, but after a few hours and my new house mate asked me to go for a drink, I was fine. I had one friend and how easy was that? I decided I had made the right choice, and that I could definitely do this.

However, the question of whether I had made a mistake by coming to university is a question I asked myself a lot over the last two years of university, and probably something I will continue to ask myself in my third year. I love university and wouldn’t change coming for the world. However, things always go wrong and its all about whether you can pick yourself back up, and with that I have struggled a lot. This blog is basically going to be about my experiences, good and bad and how I have dealt with them. There will definitely be a few embarrassing stories but I’m sure most university students can relate.

I look forward to keeping you updated.




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